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Hi, I’m Helena, an architect, interior designer & stylist and content creator based in Greece. I currently live in the beautiful city of Volos with my husband and our adorable cat.

You’ll mainly find me with my camera on my hand, capturing all the small moments wearing my favourite marinères. I love rainy days and moody weather, reading books, drinking good wine and buying flowers! 


I have an integrated master on architectural engineering specialized on Japanese design and I adore Scandinavian style. Over the years family and friends were asking for advice and after a while other people were requesting  my help professionally too. So I set up my interior design studio as a freelancer based on my love for design and my need to create a beautiful calming space for everyone. Our home is our sanctuary and everyone deserves that. 


My design ethos is based on simplicity and sustainability. I embrace imperfections as true fan of Japanese philosophy, wabi-sabi. When I create a design it is important to me that there is a connection between the need, the shape and the materials to achieve an authentic organic result. My goal is to highlight a build to last design. You can find, follow & use my hashtag on Instagram #designmysimplicity

 based on a minimalist aesthetic for a sustainable living with meaning and feeling. Living with simplicity is about mindfulness. You can describe my style as simple, minimal, with neutral tones and natural materials.


Since I’ve been in love with creativity forever on August 2022, I also started my brand of unique and timeless ceramics called Norma by Helena Petrides. I’m very much inspired by Japanese techniques and every single piece is made by hand in a wabi-sabi style. 


I hope my blog offers inspiring moments & helps you to create your own version of a calming aesthetic home!

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