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each cup, meticulously crafted from beige clay with a delicate white glaze, bears its own distinct character and subtle variations, making every sip a unique experience - embrace the beauty of imperfection and savor the whispered stories woven into each cup, celebrating the allure of handmade treasures

I: 170ml | Ø 7.5cm | H 7cm     II: 130ml | Ø 7.5cm | H 5.5cm   III: 130ml | Ø 7.5cm | H 5.5cm

IV: 120ml | Ø 7cm | H 5.5cm   V: 100ml | Ø 7.5cm | H 5.5cm    VI: 100ml | Ø 7cm | H 5cm






artisanal whispers

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